Elect Leland L. Price to Knox County Criminal Court!

Welcome to the website of the Committee to Elect Leland L. Price Judge, Criminal Court Division III.  The Committee has been formed by friends, neighbors, attorneys and residents of Knox County in order to support the election of a seasoned prosecutor, military veteran, devoted husband and father to the bench.  Serving as judge of a criminal court is a highly demanding job, and the people of Knox County deserve a judge with impeccable character, sound judgment and strong work-ethic.  We encourage you to look through this site and find out why Leland is a perfect fit for this position.   

Why Leland Price is ready to serve as Criminal Court Judge


Homecoming From Iraq 2005

 Dedicated Has served the people of Knox County for virtually his entire career as a prosecutor.     
•Intelligent:  Graduated with honors from Harvard Law School.
•Experienced: Seasoned attorney with extensive experience in demanding death penalty trials.
•Service:  Served our country in Iraq with the 278th Armored Cavalry Regiment.
•Faith:  Active member and Bible class teacher at his church.
•Family: Blessed with a wonderful and supportive family.




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